Alethia Dagger - Blue Abalone

$50 $59.99
Introducing the Alethia Dagger - Blue Abalone

A one-of-a-kind masterpiece handcrafted by skilled artisans, this combat dagger combines functionality with beauty.

The Alethia Dagger is a spiritual and combat weapon, adorned with four charms: Blue Abalone, Pentagram, Octopus, and Helm.

Charms and their spiritual significance:

  • Blue Abalone Charm: This charm symbolizes the element of water and its ability to cleanse negative energy. It also represents emotional balance and harmony.
  • Pentagram Charm: A symbol of protection, this charm is often used in spiritual practices to ward off negative energy and evil spirits.
  • Octopus Charm: Known for its intelligence and adaptability, the octopus charm represents the ability to navigate through difficult situations and find creative solutions.
  • Helm Charm: A symbol of leadership and guidance, the helm charm represents the ability to take charge and steer oneself towards a successful path.

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