Wealth Intention Kit

$40 $47.99
Manifest Prosperity and Success

Pyrite Tower:

  • Projects a dome to attract and generate wealth in any area
  • Harnesses the magnetic energy of pyrite to amplify abundance
  • Creates a powerful aura of prosperity and financial growth

Citrine Crystal Jar:

  • Enhances and expands your ability to manifest your desires
  • Solar aligned, radiating vibrant and positive energy
  • Activates your solar plexus chakra, promoting confidence and abundance

Howlite Turtle:

  • Symbolizes protection and wealth attraction associated with turtles
  • Howlite aids in focusing intentions, ensuring a clear and pure path
  • Supports ventures and new endeavors with a grounded and steady energy

Unleash the power of the Wealth Intention Kit and align yourself with the flow of abundance. The Pyrite Tower projects its magnetic dome, drawing wealth into your life. The Citrine Crystal Jar empowers your manifestation abilities, infusing your intentions with positive energy. Let the Howlite Turtle safeguard your journey while keeping your path towards success pure and focused. Experience the transformative energy of prosperity and unlock new possibilities with this carefully curated kit.

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