Tumbled Rainbow Fluorite

Get the Healing Power of Tumbled Rainbow Fluorite

Looking for a natural way to help overcome anxiety and depression? Tumbled Rainbow Fluorite may be just what you need. This polished gemstone is handmade to perfection and brings a variety of benefits. Read on to find out more.

What is Tumbled Rainbow Fluorite?

  • A crystal that's perfect for everyday use
  • A gemstone that can be carried in a pocket, bookbag, or purse
  • A tumbled stone that's easy to use and comes in a variety of sizes
  • A natural stone that is gentle and easy to incorporate into your daily routine
  • A stone that allows the properties to manifest gently into your life

Benefits of Tumbled Rainbow Fluorite

  • Helps with transmutation between fire and water
  • Can help overcome anxiety and depression
  • Gentle nature means it's great for everyday use
  • You'll begin to see slow improvements in your mood daily
  • Helps balance and align your chakras
  • Enhances focus and concentration during meditation
  • Aids in decision-making by clearing the mind of clutter
  • Reduces stress and negative energy

Why Choose Tumbled Rainbow Fluorite?

  • Handmade to perfection
  • Polished for a smooth and comfortable feel
  • Comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs
  • Easy to carry with you wherever you go
  • A natural gemstone with healing properties
  • Blends with your aura seamlessly to manifest properties gently
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes, including meditation and healing

Note: None of this is medically accurate and if you need urgent help talk to a medical professional.

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