Tumbled Hematite

Experience the Calming Power of Tumbled Hematite

Bring the grounding and calming power of Hematite into your life with our Tumbled Hematite stones. Handmade and polished to perfection, our stones are the perfect addition to your crystal collection. Carry them with you wherever you go to experience their energy and benefits.

What is Tumbled Hematite?

Tumbled Hematite is a polished and smoothed version of the natural Hematite stone. The stone is tumbled in a machine until it reaches a smooth, round shape. This process helps to enhance the stone's natural properties, making it perfect for energy work.

Benefits of Tumbled Hematite

  • Grounding: Hematite is known for its grounding properties, helping you to feel centered and balanced in any situation.

  • Calming: Use Hematite to soothe anxious feelings and promote relaxation.

  • Clearing: The iron in Hematite can burn away negative emotions and thoughts, helping you to achieve a clear mind.

  • Energizing: Hematite is said to help boost energy levels, making it perfect for use during meditation or other energy work.

Uses of Tumbled Hematite

Tumbled Hematite is best used for carrying with you in your pocket, bookbag, or purse. The smooth nature of the stone allows it to blend with your aura seamlessly, which allows the properties to manifest gently into your life.

Use Hematite during stressful situations or even to calm your mind during meditation. The iron is able to burn away even the strongest of emotions to help you reach a calm and clear mind to finish your tasks.

Experience the Natural Energy of Tumbled Hematite

Our Tumbled Hematite stones are 100% natural and handmade, ensuring that you receive the full benefits of the stone's energy. Add them to your crystal collection today to experience the calming power of Hematite.

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