Zodiac Crystal Kit - Pisces


Embrace Your Piscean Energy with Our Pisces Zodiac Crystal Kit


Dive into the mystical world of Pisces with our Pisces Zodiac Crystal Kit. This specially curated collection is designed to resonate with the sensitive, intuitive, and imaginative nature of Pisces. The kit includes a Kambaba Jasper Generator, a Copper Amethyst Spoon, and a Labradorite 8mm Bracelet, each with unique healing properties.

What's Inside the Pisces Zodiac Crystal Kit?

  • Kambaba Jasper Generator: Known as the stone of peace and tranquility, Kambaba Jasper provides a gentle and passive cleansing that is ideal for Pisces, who are generally very sensitive to energy. It's a stone of harmony that can align your chakras and balance yin-yang energies.

  • Copper Amethyst Spoon: Amethyst, often referred to as the stone of spiritual growth and protection, aids in cleansing your energy with fire to remove stagnation. Its energy can stimulate the mind and soothe emotions.

  • Labradorite 8mm Bracelet: Labradorite is a stone of transformation. It's known to protect from emotional attacks, making it an excellent stone for Pisces who are often very empathetic and susceptible to the emotions of others.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I confirm the authenticity of the items in my Zodiac Crystal Kit? Each item in our kit is crafted from genuine gemstones. We ensure the superior quality and energetic properties of each stone.

2. What benefits can I expect from using the Pisces Zodiac Crystal Kit? Using the Pisces Zodiac Crystal Kit can help balance your energies, enhance your intuition, and protect you from emotional attacks. It can also promote peace, tranquility, and spiritual growth.

3. How do I use the items in the Pisces Zodiac Crystal Kit? You can hold the Kambaba Jasper Generator in your hand during meditation or keep it in your pocket. You can use the Copper Amethyst Spoon in your rituals, and wear the Labradorite 8mm Bracelet.

4. Is the Pisces Zodiac Crystal Kit suitable for everyone? While the Pisces Zodiac Crystal Kit is specially designed for those born under the Pisces zodiac sign, anyone can use it to tap into the intuitive and imaginative energy of Pisces.

5. How do I cleanse and charge the items in my Zodiac Crystal Kit? You can cleanse your gemstones by smudging them with sage or placing them under moonlight. To charge them, you can place them in sunlight or bury them in the earth overnight.


Our Pisces Zodiac Crystal Kit is more than just a collection of beautiful items. It's a powerful tool for spiritual growth, protection, and tranquility. Whether you're a Pisces looking to enhance your intuitive abilities or someone seeking to tap into the Piscean energy, this kit is your perfect companion. Embrace your Piscean energy with our Pisces Zodiac Crystal Kit.

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