Opalite Worry Stone

$15 $20.99

Worry stones are perfect to carry around with you on any occasion. They fit easily inside of your pocket, back, purse, or wallet so you can take them anywhere. These curved stones are designed to fit between your thumb and pointer finger, allowing you to discreetly use the stone without pulling any unwanted attention. Worry stones allow the user to not only relieve their stress but to put their stress to work for them. The more energy and intent you put into these stones, the more you will get back. Opalite is associated with water and divination. This opaque stone will aid in discerning your divination results and allow you to get to the root cause of any issue. Your intuition will be bolstered tremendously while keeping this stone with you throughout the day. Like that of a clear pond, you will be able to pick up on small hints you normally would not when trying to work out a problem.

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