Love Intention Kit

$40 $47.99
Fuel Your Love and Nurture Your Relationships

Rose Quartz Crystal Jar

  • Promotes the growth of self-love and love for others
  • Symbolizes steady and stable growth, like a tree blossoming over time

6mm Selenite Bracelet

  • Purifies your energy, eliminating negative energy and thoughts about yourself
  • Creates a clean and positive mindset, enhancing self-worth and love

Tea Tree Soap

  • Offers cleansing and antiseptic properties for a fresh start
  • Clears away negativity, leaving you feeling renewed and ready for love

Seven-Day Desire Candle

  • Burn for seven consecutive days to enhance and intensify the flame between two people
  • Ignites passion and fosters a deeper connection between partners

Ignite the Flame of Love and Embrace Its Growth

The Love Intention Kit is designed to help you nurture and strengthen the love within yourself and with your partner. With its powerful components, this kit invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and deeper connections. Let the Rose Quartz Crystal Jar symbolize the gradual and stable growth of self-love and love for others, reminding you to embrace love's transformative power. Purify your energy and banish negative thoughts with the 6mm Selenite Bracelet, allowing love to flow freely within you. The Tea Tree Soap cleanses and rejuvenates, creating a fresh canvas for love to flourish. Finally, the Seven-Day Desire Candle, when burned consecutively, intensifies the flame between you and your partner, nurturing passion and fostering a deeper bond.

Unleash the power of love and watch it grow with our Love Intention Kit. Ignite the flame within and experience the profound joy and connection that love brings.

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