Crystal Flame - Obsidian


Uncover the Mysteries of the Obsidian Flame Crystal

About Obsidian

  • Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass, cherished as a gemstone since ancient times. This complex stone is formed from rapidly cooling lava, placing the exotic origins of Obsidian in volcanic landscapes around the world.

Properties of Obsidian

  • The strength of Obsidian lies in its unique properties. Its color ranges from dark due to the presence of iron and magnesium, manifesting the earth's fiery core into a tangible form. As a gemstone, it carries a hardness of 5 - 5.5 on the Mohs scale. The charm of Obsidian is further highlighted by its glassy luster and single refraction.

Obsidian Crystal Flames

  • Obsidian Crystal Flames, also known as Flame Obsidian, are captivating due to their bright reflections. These reflections are caused by nanometric magnetite crystal layers within the stone. The Flame Obsidian embodies the intensity of fire, with a vitreous (glassy) luster that can often include a silver or gold sheen.

What are Crystal Flames Used For?

  • Crystal Flames, like our Obsidian Flame Crystal, are often used for their reputed spiritual and emotional benefits. Notably, obsidian is known as a powerful stone that offers protection against negativity and is often referred to as "the stone of truth". It is said to encourage the surfacing of secrets and hidden emotions, and is considered a balancing and grounding stone.

What Happens if You Light Obsidian?

  • While the term 'Flame' might suggest otherwise, lighting Obsidian does not change its properties or cause it to physically flame. The term refers to the reflective quality of the crystal that mimics the vibrant colors of a flame.

What Does Obsidian Crystal Represent?

  • The Obsidian Crystal represents strength, protection, and truth. Its dark color and sharp edges symbolize protection and grounding, while its transparency relates to the revelation of hidden truths and inner emotions.

Shapes and Cuts

  • To showcase the beauty of its sheen or iridescence, Obsidian is often given different cuts such as cabochon cut, fancy cut, or sphere-cut. It is also tumbled, made into cameos, or carved into intricate designs.

Natural Beauty

  • The Obsidian Flame Crystal remains true to its natural form. It is typically not treated or enhanced in any way, allowing you to appreciate its raw, natural beauty.

Incorporating the Obsidian Flame Crystal into your space or spiritual practice may provide a sense of balance and protection while inviting the exploration of hidden truths.

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