Crystal Bar Necklace - Tiger's Eye


Unleash Your Inner Strength with Our Tiger's Eye Crystal Bar Necklace

Product Overview Our Tiger's Eye Crystal Bar Necklace is a unique piece of crystal jewelry designed to channel positive energy throughout your system. Available in two variants - one with a brown rope and another with a black rope, this crystal necklace runs the length of your chakras and aura, creating a positive feedback loop.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Tiger's Eye Crystal: Known for its protective and grounding properties, the Tiger's Eye crystal in our necklace helps clear the root chakra, making you feel safer and more grounded.
  • Two Rope Variants: Choose between a brown rope and a black rope to suit your style and preference.
  • Promotes Courage and Drive: The Tiger Eye stone is known for boosting courage and drive, helping you do what needs to be done.
  • Handmade Crystal Jewelry: Each necklace is handmade, ensuring a unique and personal touch in every piece.

Benefits of Tiger's Eye Crystal

  • Attracts Wealth: The Tiger's Eye crystal is believed to possess strong energy that can attract wealth and repel negative forces.
  • Promotes Mental Clarity: This stone has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity and assisting in resolving problems.
  • Boosts Courage and Ambition: The metaphysical properties of the Tiger's Eye crystal include strength, intelligence, courage, ambition, and power.
  • Enhances Emotional Healing: Known to enhance wisdom, integrity, truth, love, and emotional healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Tiger's Eye go in water? Yes, Tiger's Eye is a relatively hard stone with a MOHs hardness rating between 6.5 to 7. It can withstand water exposure.
  2. What are the benefits of wearing a Tiger's Eye necklace? Wearing a Tiger's Eye necklace keeps the stone's energy close to your chakras, making it more effective. It's known to bring good luck, protection, mental clarity, and courage.
  3. What is the length of the gemstones on the necklace? The length of the gemstones is about 3.5 cm without the gold or silver plated beads.
  4. Does the Tiger's Eye necklace have any spiritual significance? Yes, Tiger's Eye is known to symbolize strength and power and is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve more in their life.

Order Now Harness the power of the Tiger's Eye Crystal Bar Necklace and experience a surge of courage and drive. Order now and start your journey towards a more grounded and prosperous life with our crystal bar necklace.

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