Amethyst Tea Spoon - Copper

$15 $20
Stir up the magic of tea readings with our amethyst cluster teaspoons, infused with purifying energies to elevate your tea experience!

Infuse your tea with the cleansing and purifying energies of amethyst using this beautifully crafted Amethyst Cluster Tea Spoon.

Features and Benefits:

  • Amethyst cluster on the end of the spoon adds a touch of elegance to your tea time
  • Properties of brass smooth out the intense purification the amethyst offers, making it ideal for long-term cleansing
  • Food and drinks safe, making it perfect for everyday use in your tea or coffee
  • Can also be used to scoop out sugar, honey, or other sweeteners
  • Ideal for tea preparation and cleaning the energy of the tea before doing tea readings

Get ready to enjoy a calming and relaxing tea time with the Amethyst Cluster Tea Spoon - Copper.


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