Alethia's Keychain - Blue Angel

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Protect your keys with Alethia's Handmade Keychain - Embrace the Power of a Guardian Angel and Blue Crystals Today!

Alethia's Key Chain - Earth Dragon is a spiritual accessory that serves as a guardian angel to keep your keys safe and close. It is a unique keychain that is made up of two different charms - Filigree heart with a cross charm and an angel with a blue crystal charm. These charms hold significant spiritual meaning and add a touch of elegance to your keys.

Charms and Spiritual Significance: The Earth Dragon keychain has two charms that hold spiritual significance.

  • Filigree Heart with a Cross Charm: The filigree heart with a cross charm symbolizes love, devotion, and faith. The heart represents love, while the cross represents devotion and faith in the divine. Together, they remind you of the importance of keeping your faith close to your heart.

  • Angel with a Blue Crystal Charm: The angel with a blue crystal charm is a representation of guardian angels. Blue crystals are known for their calming and soothing properties, which helps you feel more protected and secure. It is a reminder that you are not alone, and there are always spiritual forces guiding and protecting you.

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